Friendzone – the friendly place to get more done

Creating business, working with friends

Hey, you! I’m so glad you found your way here (here being an exciting opportunity). Opportunity to work alongside magnificent people. To have a friendly place to get more things done in an inspiring and smartly equipped working environment.

We’re not just providing you with a table to sit at but welcome you to our brilliant community that will help your business grow. Friendzone enables you to better develop your business undisturbed by the usual operational distractions.


We make miracles together

We’re building a community of digital era creatives, who fit in together and support each other’s work. By joining our strengths we are not just coworking – we are creating better services to all of our customers.

We select companies that do not compete against but complement each other. Our community will share knowledge, ideas and talents. Sometimes we share projects and clients. We’d love you to do so too! But this is an opportunity, not a necessity.

We are focusing on companies, that build brands and create digital services. For example, if you’re a SEO expert, you can learn from the brand and website builders and vice versa.

Our Home

Eerikinkatu 28
00180 Helsinki

You find us on the 4th floor 🙂

What’s in it for you

It has been researched that the people who cowork demonstrate high levels of thriving due to the combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience. But, of course, that is just theory.

Here’s what you get in practice:

  • A spacious workstation in the heart of Helsinki (we have 14 of them)
  • Two meeting rooms (which are easy on the eye as we love details)
  • A fully equipped kitchen (and sometimes some pizza)
  • A lounge area (also occasionally used for dining)
  • A chill-out area (with beanbags n’ stuff)
  • Printer, scanner, wifi and the usual office setup (including post-its)
  • Good coffee and a popcorn machine (for realsies)

+ Outstanding company (especially for Friday after work beer and board games)
+ Occasional unforgettable parties (great for getting to know even more amazing people)

What you see is what you get

Also what you see is what you hear. Our social soundtrack is continuously playing in the background for work and for fun.

Come tell us what you think of what you see.

It’s not just a desk, it’s where life takes place

Of course you’re not just buying a desk, you’re buying into a community which will help you grow.. And together you can offer services you alone wouldn’t be able to.

We are sorry but we do not accept any new applications right now. Send an email to if you would still like to have a chat 🙂